Hexday the book

Last 72 days on Hexday

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to start compiling the first edition of the Hexday Book.

My idea is to take a block of data and convert it into book format, and make it available via print on demand for people to buy. The idea is to create a coffee table book that might interest people.

More info to come, but now that we have 72 days worth of very solid pick volume the first edition will be the 50 days following that date. Watch here for details.


ps. sorry I’ve been a little quiet recently, I had two other pet projects launch that required a great deal of energy, I’ve also been totally swamped at work. But I promise I still have features that will be coming to hexday, it’s just a matter of fitting them all into the meager 24 hours we’ve been given each day.

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